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Who We Serve


The education system has taken a giant leap in ensuring the health of America's kids.  Nate's Fine Foods already serves many major US Cities School systems and understand the process to work with them.  Contact us to find out how Nate's can get your lunch or after school program wired for success.

Military Food Service

Nate's Fine Foods is already approved to work with the US Government and has passed military audits with flying colors.  If your purchasing group has a cooked pasta or grains need contact us.

Prepared Foods & Delis

Deli Salad?  Pasta Bar? Prepared food sales and growth has been exponential in recent years.  Nate's Fine Foods can make the job of including pasta salad, mac and cheese or whatever else your ready to cabinet might include

Industrial / Restaurant

Our R & D Team is on standby to help you create the perfect meal kit, mac and cheese or whatever else you may are interested in creating!  Nate's Fine Foods works hard to ensure our industrial customers get a perfectly cooked pasta or grain every time.

Certifications to make getting started easier!

SQF Level 2 Certification

SQFI’s programs have been designed to meet the needs of suppliers, the food industry, and consumers. The SQF Code offers a solution for primary producers, manufacturers, distributors, and brokers by creating one standard for food safety from farm to fork. Also, by requiring both regulatory and customer compliance, the SQF code is equipped for an ever evolving market.

In addition to the SQF code, SQFI standards have expanded to include an ethical sourcing code and management system, as well as a joint program with the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) that promotes safe animal feed and food production.  Click here for more information regarding SQF Certification.

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Organic Certification - CCOF

Organic standards promote and enhance biodiversity, biological cycles, and soil fertility, and restore, maintain, and enhance ecological harmony. The legacy of organic will be the catalyzation of healthy, sustainable, and humane production systems. CCOF believes that organic standards should continually evolve to address a broadening range of issues. Click here for more information on the CCOF programs

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USDA Certification

The USDA grade shields, official seals and labels are reputable symbols of the quality and integrity of American agricultural products.  Large-volume buyers such as grocery stores, military institutions, restaurants, and even foreign governments use the quality grades as a common “language," making business transactions easier.  

The USDA shields and labels assure consumers that the products they buy have gone through a rigorous review process by highly-skilled graders & auditors that follow the official grade standards and process standards developed, maintained and interpreted by USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service.  Click here for more information about the USDA.

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Kosher Certification

For over two decades, Orthodox Rabbinical Council of San Francisco has set the bar for the highest standards of Kosher certification. 
Today, Orthodox Rabbinical Council of San Francisco - a COMMUNITY BASED organization - supervises thousands of products in the Northern California area alone. 
Accepted globally, Orthodox Rabbinical Council of San Francisco provides the HIGHEST GRADE kosher certification.

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Iway Certified
IWAY is the IKEA code of conduct, first introduced in 2000. It specifies the requirements that we place on suppliers of products and services and details what they can expect in return from IKEA. In addition to the main document, there are several industry-specific supplements and a special code of conduct for child labour. IKEA suppliers are responsible for communicating the content of the IKEA code of conduct to their employees and sub-suppliers.
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